1-to-1 Online Personal Training

The ByrneandBuildFitness 1-to-1 online personal training is a cost-effective, time-flexible system.


No more rushing,  trying to make it to personal training sessions set at a specific time.

Online personal training gives you the freedom and control to decide when you train with my support and systems its is like having an in pocket Personal Trainer.

Female Personal Training ByrneandBuildFi

This is For

People that are tired of doing the same things over and over and getting the same lack of results. 

People who are serious about putting in the work and are willing to focus on what is needed other than just turning up to the gym. 

People who have a specific goal in mind such as an upcoming event or you want to focus on general health and fitness, fat loss / muscle gain. 


You will get a bespoke training programme which will be specific to your individual needs, based on what you have previously done and the goals that you will set, along with the exercises that you enjoy.


I have built a full exercise library where each move is detailed. Some clients wish to record their exercises and I will analysis and recommend changes to optimise their sessions. 


I work with every level of nutrition knowledge. 


From people that don't know what they should be eating and teaching the basics,


To those who are comfortable with tracking their calories and macros and just need some guidance.


Working together we will aim to build a balanced approach, so that nutrition fits your lifestyle rather than a strict meal plan. 


I will be with you each step of the journey, teaching you how to build better skills. I will help build an unstoppable mindset.


I work on a phased approach, slowly implementing new habits and skills week by week.


You previous knowledge and experience foundations will determine at what phase you start from and will build together from there. 

How it Works

  • Complete a detailed online questionnaire to which I will ensure the right training and nutrition approach will be taken. 

  • We will then have a video consultation where we will dive deeper into the questionnaire, and I can understand fully about your training experience, lifestyle and previous coaching to make sure you will achieve your goals.

  • We will work together to set goals to achieve short term and long term to ensure your journey is enjoyable and as satisfactory as possible. 

  • The training programmes are tailored for both gym user and at home workouts with limited exercise materials.

  • 2x Weekly check ins 1x via e-mail/ Google spreadsheet/ WhatsApp, 1x zoom call.

  • Minimum 12 weeks commitment to ensure we hit the ground running and get you in the best possible position to ensure you hit your goals and learn the correct tools. 

  • You will receive a welcome pack that include a how to guide and four recipe books to help you along the way and an exercise library. 


Price €120 per month

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