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4 quick tips to beat cravings and stay full.

A lot of people who start working with me or text me asking questions have one very similar one. “How do I get rid of my cravings?”

The most common thing I see among these people is that they have completely slashed calories intake, almost cutting all carbs, not eating enough protein, getting hardly any sleep, and spending countless hours training doing extra cardio.

This of course to lose some weight or body fat. The goal is to not run yourself into the ground and set yourself up for failure, and if you're going to go this aggressive with things, what else can you expect other than crazy cravings and a desire to throw in the towel everyday and say ‘its too hard’.

The one you probably won't believe that has to be addressed the most here is sleep. If you're getting 6 hours or less of sleep a night, you best believe all the coffee in the world won’t be saving you, you will be going in a vicious cycle that has to be addressed. When you're tired from getting hardly any sleep you will crave the go-tos for quick energy, such as chocolate biscuits, anything that has high sugar content.

So getting to the juicy part - how to implement and start adjusting things so we can reduce cravings and continue to lose fat, or at least start.

1) Getting enough sleep, this will be an article on its own but for now I will give you quick tips. Cut caffeine - latest 2pm, get a bedtime routine that you will stick to every night, so the body knows its getting close to sleep time. Cut out your phone and screens an hour before bed, and try to keep the bedroom just for sleeping - in that means no TV.

2) Get enough protein, I'd recommend getting at least 2g of protein per kg of body weight. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient there is, which means it will keep you fuller for longer.

3) Don't be afraid to eat carbs, You will need carbs to fuel your training and your day. We know now that the biggest factor when it comes to fat loss is over all calorie consumption, When it comes to fats and carbs, let them fall into place. I wouldn't cut either of them out as they're very useful to the body.

4) Fruit and Veg, chances are, you're not getting enough of these in. In Fact most people aren't, and they are very important not just for the vitamins and minerals that they have in them but also from a satiety stand point. You can eat a lot of fruit and veg in high volumes and it will have little calories. You want to be aiming for anywhere between 5-10 servings of fruit and veg per day. Don't be afraid to make some nice smoothies with these and add in some protein to them.

Download your FREE 5 Step Guide to Losing your first 5kg.

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