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Levelling up your home training.

I call it training, but I personally dislike the word workout, I believe you’re training for something. Whether that’s for a specific goal, or to just get better at the exercises- you’re performing.

Some people love training at home and some people hate it, which is fair - it will very much come down to personal preference. For some people it’s the only type of training they want to do, as a gym might not be for them but nonetheless they’re still training and keeping active. With everything going on 90% of us have no choice but to train at home so I’m going to give you some ways you can continue to make progress with your home training.

Just like going to the gym you should have a programme, if you don’t have a programme I’d recommend getting one, or you can join my online coaching programme here. I’m not talking about jumping around your house doing 100s of burpees and squat jumps, they’re ok for a bit of a finisher, but they won’t get you stronger and that’s the whole aim of resistance training.

A typical programme might be 3 sets of 10 with some push-ups, banded rows if you have a band, some squats, and a few other exercises. There’s nothing wrong with this but you will adapt very fast, depending on where you’re starting with things. Once you have adapted to these types of programmes, where do you go from here? It’s one of those things that can get you frustrated with training and make training at home boring.

But here’s a few things we can implement into our home training to make sure we don’t get bored of it.

First things first, I would recommend trying to get some sort of equipment if you don’t have any, the easiest equipment to get is some bands. If you can get your hands on a red and a purple long band, the world becomes your oyster in terms of levelling up your training.

Now onto what else we can do to level up our home training:

- Slower TEMPO

- Pause reps Isometric holds

- Super sets

- Rest pause sets

- 1.5 reps

There are many more but these are the ones that will give you most bang for your buck.

Download your FREE 5 Step Guide to Losing your first 5kg.

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