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Planning Ahead

As you have probably guessed, most summer holidays this year will probably be staying local or going somewhere in Ireland (or your own country). The realisation to this will have frustrated people, especially if people wanted to get in shape for a sunny holiday or a season in Ibiza.

Just because you might not be going dancing in the sun or on a family holiday to the Algarve, doesn’t mean you throw in the towel, a holiday is a mere driver for something else internal that people have always wanted to accomplish. You may simply now just drop it back a gear but you don’t stop.

If you have been in the middle of a fat loss phase and the situation has gotten you frustrated, and you’ve noticed yourself caring less and less as the days go on - I recommend you get yourself out of it, In the long run you will only kick yourself more and more.

Game plan is you plan ahead, how far ahead? As far as needed, and the further the better for you. Why? Because you can get yourself into a much better position for losing fat and keeping it off. Most people leave it until they have about 8 weeks to an event, be it a wedding or a holiday, they have to focus on too many variables at one time:

- Sleep

- Stress

- Nutrition

- Training

- Time

It’s not easy getting on top of all these in just 8 weeks and chances are you will run yourself into the ground trying. That’s why planning ahead and getting a start on 6months from now is your better approach to getting in the shape you want to get in for an event, wedding, holiday or whether it just be something personal you want to do.

Ideally you want to put yourself in a good position with your nutrition to start and I always like to start with people at maintenance calories. It teaches them that calories are not the devil and you won’t be spending the rest of your life in a calories deficit. Once you have spent enough time at maintenance and you’ve been training 3-5 times a week, the world of training and losing fat has become so much easier. You now have an understanding of what your maintenance calories are, which means now when you want to put the foot on the gas you can reduce some of your intake and you will very much know you’re in a deficit without any guessing.

Spending 2-3 weeks in a deficit and then 7 days at maintenance, this will help you to continue to lose fat as it will reduce psychological barriers that come with dieting, especially when it starts to get to the 6 and/or 8 weeks mark. This way will help you to continue to lose fat and keep it off as you will have learnt how to keep your good nutrition habits at maintenance intake.

Download your FREE 5 Step Guide to Losing your first 5kg.

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