Success Stories


"I had been going to the gym mainly to do classes or cardio but wasn't seeing any results (mainly due to lack of consistency and not enough focus on my diet). I had a wedding coming up and was part of the bridal party so wanted to make sure I looked and felt my best on the day.      

I had previously tried weight watchers and slimming world both of which I got results from but I never stuck to once consistently. I had been a member of a couple of gyms over the years but had never really used any weights/gym equipment or followed a program.        

I really enjoy weight training and have become more consistent with training than ever before. Having 1-1 sessions also made me more accountable, where previously I may have skipped gym classes I knew I had to be at the gym ready to train, it helped me stay focused on my goal. My fitness levels have really improved and I feel much stronger and fitter as a result of the training.

When I had my consultation with Rob we discussed the goals I had, what I had previously tried to achieve those goals, what worked and what didn't and we also discussed the type of exercise I liked to do. Rob was able to create a program for me which incorporated exercises that I would enjoy doing and ones that would be challenging for me which was important to me as I knew from experience I would lose interest if I didn't like an exercise.  I started to really enjoy going to the gym and once I was confident with the exercises I started doing another training day myself and included some cardio too. I feel stronger and fitter than ever before and my diet has also improved since I started training with Rob. 

Rob has a lot of knowledge on exercise and nutrition and I have learnt a lot as a result of this. I have also learnt the importance of sleep when it comes to overall health and being consistent with diet and exercise. I had thought previously that I needed to restrict my diet and do a lot of cardio to lose weight but have found I have got better results following the training program Rob made for me and focusing on a good diet. Rob is also great at giving advice and encouragement especially at times when I felt I wasn't seeing enough progress either in my training or measurements.

I highly recommend Rob as a personal trainer. My goal when I first started working with Rob was to lose weight for a wedding that was 8 weeks away, I have now been training with Rob for 2 years and while I set small goals for events such as holidays, weddings etc the training program has made me really enjoy exercise and it has become part of my lifestyle.  I have achieved better results working with Rob than any diet I have tried or gym classes I have attended. "

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